VIDEO PREMIERE: Joseph & Maia – “I Know”

When Joseph Thompson & Maia Potier signed with Sony New Zealand back in 2013, the label tried to get the duo to change their poppy alt-country sound. Refusing to succumb to their Sony’s heavy hand, the young Kiwi duo, which performs under the banner of Joseph & Maia, fought their way out of a contract and amicably separated with the label. Then, they launched a crowdfund to record and released Sorrento (iTunes & Spotify) last year.

“After we released the record in New Zealand, we quit our day jobs and bought one way tickets to Europe,” the band said in an email. And for the last six months, the band has been hustling – building a following through gigs, house concerts and street performances across Europe.

Today, we premiere the video for “I Know,” a song off of Sorrento that Joseph & Maia say is a realistic representation of life on the road. “Really high highs, really low lows, sleeping on strangers floors, busking almost every clear day we get, playing to no one and then every now and then getting amazing opportunities to play in front of hugely supportive and appreciative audiences.”

“I Know” and the album’s title track represent the best of the band’s work, which feels like Ryan Adams at some moments and Noah Gundersen at others, but mostly stands out for the duo’s well blended vocals. I get a lot of mail from bands like this, but I really like these songs.

Watch the video below and follow the band’s upcoming EU and NZ tour dates here.