Superlatives: Newport Folk Class of 2012

Patty Griffin & Patty Griffin’s hair – Photo by Richard Kluver
Best On-Stage Use of Hair (Tie): Patty Griffin & First Aid Kit
You’ve seen crowd surfing, you’ve seen guitar throwing, you’ve seen head banging … but have you seen “hair thrashing”? We hadn’t either – at least, not as gracefully done as by Patty Griffin and the gals of First Aid Kit this weekend. Way to use those locks, ladies.

Most Notable On-Stage Height Difference: Jonathan Wilson and Sara Watkins
We never knew Sara was so tiny. Or, we never knew Jonathan Wilson was so tall. Or … well, whichever it is, one of these things wasn’t like the other when Sara joined Jonathan on fiddle for a tune during his Sunday set.

Most Likely to Have a Land-line: Any and all of the Guthrie family
No explanation needed. The family name should speak for itself.

Tallest Short Man on Earth: Tallest Man on Earth
Irony may abound in Kristian Matsson’s stage name for obvious reasons, but nobody left his set thinking about his height (or lack thereof), to be sure.

Best Use of Props: Yim Yames
Yim Yames isn’t afraid to make an appearance, from donning a cape on-stage to warding off the rain with a magenta-ish umbrella during a cameo in friend Conor Oberst’s set.

Best Exposed Midriff: Charles Bradley
Bradley doesn’t shy away from some flare. Sometimes, that flare involves showing some skin. We dig it.

Most Unintentionally Grunge: Spirit Family Reunion
Laundromat may be needed, with the exception of Maggie. She shines like a diamond among these Brooklyn boys.

Best Summer Fashion: Charity Rose Thielen of The Head and the Heart

Charity Rose Thielen of The Head and the Heart

Not to get too fashion-happy, but we will say the usually dark-clad Charity Rose Thielen looked radiant this weekend in a get-up perfect for summer on the shore.

Most Intense Folk-Based Injury: Anthony D’Amato
Whoever told you folk was all love, peace, and hair grease obviously didn’t see Anthony D’Amato strum his way to finger-splitting. SEE BLOODY PHOTO HERE courtesy of the man, the victim himself.

Largest Band With the Least Beards: Of Monsters and Men
One thing abundant at NFF is beards. Lots of beards. On stage, off stage, and everywhere in between. But Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men were a slight reprieve from the land of facial follicles.