Drew Holcomb: New Musicbed Session & Record Club

Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson

Yesterday, The Bluegrass Situation debuted the latest Musicbed Session featuring East Nashville Americana band Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors singing “American Beauty” – the opening track off of Holcomb’s latest album, Medicine (Amazon), which was released earlier this year (see Session below).

In a world where it’s incredibly hard for musicians to make money from album sales and touring, Musicbed is a licensing company for filmmakers and brands to find relevant music for their films, and one of the few places that indie musicians are making money these days. Musicbed kicked off their Sessions series of gorgeous, cinematic films in September as way for filmmakers to experience their artists in a new format. DFW locals can RSVP to see them live in person for free (and there’s typically free beer and a food truck). Next up is Brooke Waggoner on Jan 28th. (Disclosure Note: I work with Muscibed in my day job, but I’m a huge fan.)

Separately, today Holcomb launched a new monthly vinyl subscription service called the Magnolia Rock Club. “It’s like a Rock n Roll Book Club, but instead of books, a different vinyl record every month,” he said on his Facebook page. “Every month I’ll pick a record for the club, and write a personal letter telling you why I love it.”

Holcomb kicks off the Club with his own album in December. In January, subscribers will get When I Was Younger – the debut album from Franklin, TN indie rock band Colony House, which previously toured with Holcomb. The club is $25 per month. You can even gift a subscription to folks in three-, six- and twelve-month plans.