Andrew Combs’ Orbison-Like Throwback

Photo by Melissa Madison Fuller

Earlier this week, Andrew Combs released All These Dreams (iTunes, Amazon & Spotify), his new album that includes backing from lead guitarist Jeremy Fetzer and pedal steel guitarist Spencer Cullum Jr. of the fantastic Bond-like Nashville instrumental duo Steelism. While Combs worked with Fetzer and Cullum on previous projects, this latest album easily represents his best work yet.

A departure from some of the Jennings-like classic country throwbacks that we’ve seen come out of Nashville as of late, the album features songs like “Nothing to Lose” that tip the hat to more of an Orbison style. While other tracks maintain an old school vibe, they venture into pop and classic rock tunes. The album is brilliantly produced by Jordan Lehning and Skylar Wilson, and mixes Combs’ authentic songwriting with stellar solos by his backing band. Check out a few of my favorite tracks off the album below. Hopefully we’ll see Combs popup on the Newport lineup in the next few weeks.