Cale Tyson’s New Classic Country EP, Cheater’s Wine, Featuring Robert Ellis

Later this month, Cale Tyson, the classic country Texas-born Nashvillian, releases Cheater’s Wine (Amazon) – a new six-song EP. A follow up to his prior project, High On Lonesome, Cheater’s Wine carries the same refreshing departure from Nashville radio country (that we all despise) and that is finally getting regularly noticed by mainstream media through the success of folks like Sturgill Simpson and Robert Ellis, the fellow throwback country Texan that joins Tyson on guitar and backing vocals for the new EP. Cheater’s is Tyson’s best yet and easily fits on the top shelf of classic country. Of note are the slower numbers like “Get Out of Town” and “Oaxaca.”

Cheater’s Wine is due out on October 28th.

P.S. FYI that “Traveling Man” isn’t on either of Tyson’s EPs, so you’ll have to enjoy that one here.