JP Harris Hits Brooklyn’s Skinny Dennis

JP Harris - Photo courtesy of the artist.
JP Harris – Photo courtesy of the artist.

Classic country singer J.P. Harris has a classic country tale. He left his California home on foot before he was even old enough to drive, hitchhiking across the country for four years and settling in the northeast where he worked on a farm. That’s a history that most of the hipster alt-country folks we write about can’t claim (even if they want to hide or forget their suburban silver spoons).

Harris’ life on the road inspired some damn fine songs. On September 23rd, he’ll release on Home Is Where The Hurt Is, his sophomore album which he recorded in Ronnie Millsap’s Nashville studio. Check out two tracks from the album below from the good folks at Live & Breathing.

NYC can catch Harris and his band, The Tough Choices, on Sept 3rd and 4th at Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg.