Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – ‘Burn Brightly’

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers - Photo by Kate Rentz
The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Photo by Kate Rentz

In late September, The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – the true gospel band from the artsy, northeastern LA suburb – released its second EP of the year. Consisting of just three songs, Burn Brightly (Bandcamp & Spotify) is short, but very sweet. “Little Light,” the EP’s opener, is a phenomenal meshing of traditional-sounding choruses and modern Americana sound. The EP follows the band’s self-titled debut EP (Bandcamp & Spotify) in February and a spot on the bill at last month’s Way Over Yonder festival in Santa Monica (presented by the Newport Folk Festival).

Check out a couple of the tracks from the new EP below, which were recorded in a van at Echo Park Rising in August. While there have been some amazing secular gospel albums put out in the last few years, it’s nice to see some believers doin’ it right. Hoping these guys make it east sometime very soon.