Jackson Hole’s The Flannel Attractions

The Flannel Attractions
The Flannel Attractions

There are more attractions in Jackson Hole than the ones on postcards.

For example, The Jackson Hole Hootenanny, a decades-old Wyoming gathering that has seen visits from folks like John Denver and Peter Rowan, is also the birthplace of the young and burgeoning Rocky Mountain band The Flannel Attractions.

The band of Boston, Chicago and Nashville transplants released its debut self-titled (and self-produced) EP (Amazon MP3, Spotify & Bandcamp) in February, which I’ve been listening to over the last couple weeks. It really just took one listen to the EP’s closing song, “Next September,” to win me over.  An indie folk feel with a traditional bluegrass instrumentation mix and stunning mountain harmonies.

The Flannel Attractions are currently touring through Colorado, Montana and Idaho, but are hopeful to jump on the festival circuit soon. We’ll be watching these guys.