Sydney’s boy outside – “River Runs to the Sea”

boy outside - Photo by Kristian Taylor Wood
boy outside – Photo by Kristian Taylor Wood

Teasers are all the rage these days, but don’t let this one slide by you.

boy outside, the banner used by Sydney-based and UK-born singer songwriter Aidan Cooney, will release a gentle new folk single entitled “River Runs to the Sea” on April 12. The song is off a forthcoming album due out later this month. An early listen of the album, in its meshing of Ryan Adams and Bright Eyes sounds, was followed by many other listens. Cooney’s hipster-Americana folk style is not frequently seen Down Under, so we’re excited to see where this one goes.

Originally from the storybook land of Linconshire in the east of England (hometown of the original Harwood family), Cooney was one of the finest of folks I met in on the grass clippings global tour. I’ve never seen boots as badass as this.

As noted by our favorite Aussie-blog Timber & Steel, Sydney can catch boy outside at Hibernian House April 17th.