West London’s Lowpines Release First EP

Lowpines – Photo by GoldFlake Paint

Lowpines, a new West London minimalist duet made up of of Oli and Lyla, has just released its first free download three-song EP (SoundCloud & EardrumsPop), including a cover of The Be Good Tanya’s “It’s Not Happening.” All three tracks are impressive, but the opening track “Give Me A Horse” is absolutely stunning. The band played its first show at The Great Escape earlier this year, and have since appeared with Hurray For The Riff Raff, Nathaniel Rateliff and Chris Pureka.

I came across another song that the band recorded in a session with the great Bristol, UK based blog GoldFlakePaint (see video below), which was also pretty memorable. Hopefully much more to come from these folks.