Evening Hymns to Release “Spectral Dusk”

Evening Hymns

Canadian folk pop band Evening Hymns will follow its entrancing 2009 debut album, Spirit Guides (Amazon MP3 & Spotify), with its sophomore called Spectral Dusk, releasing in August.  According to the band’s Web site, the new album is “a study of loss, pain, and hope and a pathway drawn out of the dark into the light,” with a setting of band leader Jonas Bonnetta “dealing, through music, with the loss of his father three years ago.” And the description goes on…”This record spills its guts out on the floor, and yet so softly it leaves the listener no option but to reflect on their own mortality.”

Wow. Intense…looking forward to that. Bonnetta is actually the only regular member of Evening Hymns, rotating numerous musicians in and out. Spectral Dusk was recorded in a log cabin in Northern Ontario with the Bonnetta’s friends from bands like The Wooden Sky, Timber Timbre and City and Colour.

Thus far, Bonnetta has only released one song on the band’s Web site. The new song, “Arrows,” is somber both lyrically and musically, similar in feel to Spirit Guides.  Also found this live performance of the title track, which I like a lot. Also below is the video for “Dead Deer,” a song off of the last album. It’s PG-13.

Stay tuned.