clippings from a saturday night: Hoots, Hollows, and How We Learned It’s Okay to Cuss

Hoots and Hellmouth
Hoots and Hellmouth do The Rock Shop

We all know that when it comes to the world of roots and Americana music, it can be difficult for a band to differentiate itself from all the ones that have come before it. Not so for the two bands we at grass clippings had the opportunity to see this past Saturday. They both have a style all their own. (Yes, it was a night that involved musical double-dipping. Shhh … don’t tell)

First up was Philly-based Hoots and Hellmouth, who played a set at Brooklyn’s Rock Shop. It’s always annoyingly awesome when the band itself (or in this case, its lead singer, whom we got to chat with briefly before the show) is as down-home and approachable as its music. Even better when the music exceeds expectations. From insightful lyrics to perfected harmonies, and a banjo player who seemed to more-than-dapple in, well, everything, I left wanting more. The memorable “I Don’t Mind Your Cussin'” could make any nun wanna ‘cuss, drink, and leave’ … and not feel bad about it. Well, maybe a little bad. But they make it sound so GOOD! For those of you outside of BK, check out H&H’s tour schedule to see if you can make it to another show. They’ll make it worth your while.

Then, a beer-riddled hop, skip and jump away was the third night of Southpaw’s Americana Pie 2 festival. On stage was Brooklyn’s own lively six-piece, The Hollows. If there’s one thing the band and room weren’t lacking in that night, it was energy. Playing a midnight set that had people pounding the floor, they earned every foot-stomp with their performance on stage. In addition to bidding the BK institution adieu, the band also premiered their music video for Poor Eyes. They’ve been kind enough to share it with y’all below. Take a look (but don’t, if puppets make you nervous):

Garland also contributed to this story. Now isn’t that sweet?