sappy grass: Take Me for Longing – A Bluegrass Love Novel

We typically stick to covering stuff you can listen to around here, but I just came across something that I just could not pass over.  Today I noticed a new follower on Twitter named Felice Fox, a love novelist and bluegrass fan from LA. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Felice released a new Kindle book called  Take Me for Longing. Just take a gander at this description…

Bluegrass superstar Nic Taylor is ruined by the publication of a romance novel he swears isn’t about him. Forced out of his legendary father’s band, Nic quits the green hills of Tennessee for the seaside paradise of Malibu, California. There he must confront June Cricket, a real-life fan who isn’t about to back down from writing the sequel that could make her a star. Take Me for Longing is a romance novella–the first in the American Heartstrings Trilogy.

Felice, you are a champion. I have never read a love novel, but have never been so tempted to. This is awesome and we salute you. Happy V-Day, everybody.