Virgin Forest Delivers Hipster Hangover Tacos and New Album In Back to Back Months

Jeff Bailey of Virgin Forest outside Whirlybird in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I like tacos. I like tunes. And Virgin Forest frontman Jeff Bailey is a busy man that knows my heart.

Bailey, who has also been a part of the indie band Phosphorescent, released Joy Atrophy (AmazonMP3 & Spotify) with Virgin Forest just back in October, a nice indie Americana album with a BIG variety of sounds throughout. After that, he shifted to top-of-the-mornin tacos at his new restaurant, Whirlybird, in the hipster haven of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

And if that wasn’t enough, the band is releasing a second album later this month. Paste gave its readers the first listen of “Don’t Be Afraid,” one song of the new record that will be released on January 31st and called Easy Way Out. While this first track wasn’t grassy enough for me, the band’s pleasant publicist gave me an early listen of the full album, which, like Joy, has a number of true Americana tracks.

Here’s a listen/look of, “South Beach,” which is my favorite song off of Joy.