Playlist: A Very Grassy Christmas

Sufjan Stevens - Photo by Denny Renshaw (the greatest photographer ever)

As previously mentioned, there’s a lot of bad Christmas music out there. So to keep your Christmas merry, classy and grassy, I went ahead and pulled together three hours of bearable Christmas tunes (maybe not all for one sitting).

A few things to note…

  • This is mainly comprised of REAL Christmas songs, so you won’t find many tunes about storybook winter scenes (with a few exceptions).
  • This list is a good mix of old school (Loretta, Dolly, Johnny, etc) and new school (Sufjan, Mindy Smith, Bela) artists, but it’s pretty safe for Southern geriatrics and young music snobs alike.
  • There are some repeats of the same song in different renditions, so if you put it on shuffle, you might get some double plays of songs like “Joy to the World.”
  • That said, I didn’t fully curate the flow (I mean, it’s three hours), so shuffle will be just as interesting as playing it straight through.

And a few interesting tidbits…

  • Be sure to check out this album by The Seeger Sisters with some cool old folks songs that I’ve never heard before.
  • After lots of browsing, no Christmas album tops Sufjan’s.

Hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas.

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