Over The Rhine’s The Long Surrender

I’ve always had great respect for Linford Detweiler & Karin Bergquist, the Ohio-based husband wife duo that fronts Over the Rhine, for being such great writers and soulful musicians, but can’t say I’ve ever really given them much attention. But in February the band put out a new fan-funded album titled, The Long Surrender. When it came out, I just listened to 30 second clips that didn’t do the album justice and moved on. But then I came across this great Paste list of the best 25 Songs of the Year so far and saw that the album’s first track “The Laugh Of Recognition” was close to the top.

I’m still getting to know the album, but this song is incredible. Here’s what the band says about the album, which puts this song into perspective.

The album title “speaks to our ongoing desire to let go of certain expectations (and much of what we are so convinced we know for sure) in favor of remaining open and curious,” Karin explains. “It seems like many of our friends are currently wrestling with various forms of ‘letting go,’ so hopefully, the ideas conjured by the title feel somewhat universal. And I think the title speaks to the arc of a lifelong commitment to writing and performing regardless of recognition. Learning when to work hard and when to let go. Learning to leave room for grace to billow our sails occasionally. Learning not to white-knuckle everything.”

Wow. Read more here.