local clippings: Brooklyn’s Jus Post Bellum

Jus Post Bellum

Opening up for Spirit Family Reunion at The Rock Shop in Park Slope last weekend was Brooklyn’s own Jus Post Bellum. If you can’t remember back to your American History classes, jus post bellum is a Latin phrase that means “Justice after War” and deals with the termination phase of war.

Bandleader Geoffrey Wilson is pretty engaging. His voice is much like that of Ben Harper, but with a Woody Guthrie or Chris Thomas King raw, minimalist style that makes you wanting more and more. You could hear a pin drop during songs like “The Lonesome Hours.” “Liberty Bells” and “Red River” were pretty infectious too. Wilson’s songs were inspired by the Civil War area and are loaded with history, redemption and sorrow. This really something different and worth checking out.

NYC can catch Jus Post Bellum at Arlene’s Grocery on the LES on May 1st or at Bar 4 in Park Slope on May 13th.

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