mexican grass: Brooklyn’s Rana Santacruz

Mexican-born accordion player Rana Santacruz caught my eye with his Tiny Desk Concert on NPR a couple weeks back. I like him A LOT. Here’s a list of reasons why…

  1. He’s a Brooklyn man and that’s to be respected.
  2. I don’t know what the hell he’s singing, but it sounds awesome (if you also don’t speakadaspanish you can read English lyrics on his site here).
  3. He plays at barbes in Park Slope.
  4. I don’t listen to anything else like this.
  5. Ohh yeah, and he’s Mexican and he sings Spanish and he’s got a freakin bluegrass band.

Santacruz released his album Chicavasco last summer, which infuses a traditional Mexican sound with bluegrass and folk rhythms and melodies. Check out the show below and get stunned. I’m a big fan of “Tacho El Gacho” and “El Funeral De Tacho.”