Orchestral Folk is Lost In The Trees

Over the weekend I was checking out some of the latest NPR Tiny Desk concerts. I found an amazing one from Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer and Zakir Hussain and then I came across this week’s concert from Lost In The Trees.

Chapel Hill-based Lost In the Trees founder and leader Ari Picker calls his band’s sound “Orchestral Folk Music.”  The band’s bio describes it as “strings and brass meshing effortlessly with accordion, bells, musical saw, banjo, and mandolin.” Trees takes the new classical style of Horse Feathers a step further, but complements it with really raw, emotionally-filled song writing (even tragic at times).

I quickly became a fan and got their first/latest album, All Alone In An Empty House, which was released earlier this year. It’s like the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson film. There’s great variety. It’s classic, yet indie. There are a few full on orchestral tracks (which are awesome), but the ones that drew me in are “Song for the Painter,” “Walk Around The Lake” and “Love on My Side.”

NYC can check them out next week, 10/6 at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan and 10/7 at Bell House in Brooklyn.

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