KOTO Live Streaming at Telluride

Telluride - photo by Garland Harwood

Telluride’s public radio station is once again streaming the most amazing festival in the biz.

KOTO will stream the 37th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, which began today and runs through the weekend. I have not been back to the festival since 2005 and get depressed about it every year. This helps.

It seems like all of the acts are cool with streaming but Alison Krauss. She’s a funny one. I once saw her go nuts on a guy who was recording. I like her….but still, come on, just let me listen.

So far it sounds like David Rawlings Machine (w/Gillian Welch) has stolen the show. No surprise. I saw them play a couple weeks back and it was the most amazing show I’ve seen in awhile. They closed with The Weight (my favorite song) and also played Miss Ohio (my favorite song of Gillian’s).

KOTO Streaming of Telluride Bluegrass

Schedule/Lineup at Telluride Bluegrass