live clippings: Kelly Jones at The Living Room

Kelly Jones

Back in 2004, I got to know a girl from outside Portland, Oregon named Kelly Jones who moved to New York to jumpstart her music career. Kelly’s voice is stunningly similar to Americana stars like Patti Griffin, Julie Miller and Sheryl Crow, but her sound has been a musical adventure for fans. Her first album, Brave Heartache (2004), was without a doubt an alt-country album with tracks that run in the same vein as Rhett Miller. In 2006, Kelly released Handle With Care, which featured a mix of alt-country, rock and pop with even stronger songwriting. Then in 2008, keeping things interesting, Kelly worked with Mike Viola, former head of the pop-rock band Candy Butchers turned solo-artist and film producer, for her third album called SHEBANG!, which was more of an indie pop sound.

However, last week at The Living Room on the Lower East Side, Kelly met up with the Madison Square Gardeners and Melanie Penn for a special Tammy Wynette set. It was phenomenal, so I brought some home with me for you. Check out the video below of “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’.”

Kelly moved to Nashville a few months back, but is working on a new EP with Viola and my money is that she’ll be back in New York before the end of 2010. Stay tuned.

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