local clippings: Chicago’s Joe Pug

Photo by Amber Meairs

In his senior year at UNC Chapel Hill, Maryland-native Joe Pug dropped out of school and moved to Chicago to focus more on his music. He played around town, then toured the country like a champ for a few years, giving away his music all along the way. Now, two amazing free EPs later, he’s about to embark on a national tour with Justin Townes Earle and begin selling his 9-song new album Messenger (releases Feb 16). 

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was tipped on Joe from JTE himself. This guy’s on to something. Pug’s In The Meantime EP (get it for free on his Web site below) is truly stunning. Both his writing and sound will not be overlooked by even the biggest music snobs. Get it now!

In The Meantime EP – FREE on Joe Pug’s Web site